Macrame wrapping : Lace style

This is one of the popular technic to wrap anything by doing macrame knot, After you finish the wrapping, you can make the end to be pendant or necklace, So  you need how long you want to make BEFORE you get started.

The knot in this wrapping is called Larks head.

Materials : You can use any material that suit your design, hemp, cotton and waxed cord is a good choice too.

picture 1
  • 1  No holed object in round shape (Stone, Gemstone, coin, ceramic, bead, etc.) : diameter around 2.5cm.(1 inch)
  • 4  Cords ( waxed cord no.3 /1 mm. thick) which are;
2 working cords : measure the perimeter of the things you wanna wrap, it should be more than 12 times of the perimeter.
2 holding cords: should be longer enough for your purpose, if you wanna make it a pendant it should be around in this picture, or you can leave more longer for making necklace.

tips* you can uncut the 2 connecting holding cord  for make it hang for easy working.


Step 1

  •  Arrange the two holding cord s vertically, place them wider than the depth of the stone, and Secure the top of holding cord by sticking the tape on your project board, or hang it with your  feet finger
Step 2
  • Start the first knot at start point (picture 1).The first  of the Vertical Larks Head is tied by folding the working cord and place it under the holding cord.
Step 3

  • Bring both ends over the holding cords, heading downward.Pass them under the folded area, pulling them firmly.
  • Both steps equal one Vertical Larks Head knot.
Step 4  

  • Use the other working cord to make a Larks Head knot onto the right holding cord.
  • The first half is tied over - under - over. the second tie is  under - over - under.
  • Cross the working cords again, right over left.

Step 5

  •  Repeat knotting both working cord with the same crossing pattern,
  • Make sure you always cross the cords before you tie the two knots. It's best to cross right over left each time, but not absolutely necessary. 


  • After you tie a few more knots, check to see that the knots are the appropriate width for the stone or coin.the entire knot should be a little bit smaller to hold the stone firmly.
  • The ends will be tied together at the top of the stone, so make sure the knotted design is balanced before you move on to the next step.


  • Locate the ends of one HOLDING cord. Tie the ends together with a Square Knot (no fillers). Make sure you pull them firmly.
  • Flip the  stone over, and repeat this process with the ends of the second holding cord.

Once the Pendant  is completed, the ends are used to make the hole for pendant or necklace itself. See more here how to make an  pendant holding.

Or if you want to close all the cords for making a extended part such as a bracelet or necklace you can follow up this instructions;

How to close the wrapping work

This technic is about bringing all cords to the back side of your work, Then cut and burn it on the same spot. So you cannot see the burnt spot on the front of your work.

Step 1
  • Work on the front side. Tie the end of holding cord(white) together with a Square Knot (no fillers). Make sure you pull them firmly.
  • Then Tie the same square knot on the working cord which ended on front side too.
  • Cut and burn the rest on the cord
Step 2
  • Flip the  stone over, brings 2 holding cord on the front side to the back side, thread one cord around the knot on the back side 
  • Then Tie the  square knot on the back side, Cut and burn it on same spot.

Step 3
  • Repeat the step 2 but work with the rest of 2 working cord, when bringing them to the back side, make then like a cross pattern.

Note: If you use another material such as cotton thread or hemp, Before you decide to cut off any of the ends, make sure you cut the working cords, and apply glue to the knots before you do so.