Vertical half hitch bracelet

This bracelet is easy to make but take times to finish because I use a cotton thread as a working cord, cotton thread is very small even I use 2-3 threads per cord but it give a new looks that you can barely see the knot. You can also use waxed cord as a working cord if you like.


  • 8 holding cords : 1mm. thick waxed cord(brown) / 50 cm. long each
  • 3 different colors of working cord : cotton threads(white, green, blue) /around 150 cm. long each)
  • Some beads : I use small brass beads and resin beads.
  • A Pin that big enough to sew your working cord


  •  There are 3 parts of this bracelet. A&B are for a bracelet itself, C are for tying part.
  • We will start at A part first, it means we have to leave a holding cord for C part, which needs around 15 cm. to work.

A part

  • I made a big knot on holding cord for holding with the nails
  • Arrange 8 holding cords(brown color) from left to right.
  • Start the first row of vertical half hitch with left side. Use White cord as working cord, tie vertical haft hitch knot (to the right) around holding cord. ( You will see that when starting vertical half hitch, the working cord will be 2 cords(from the middle picture), Which are the Left cord(which is short and no more tying anymore and the Right cord which we use tying. To make the Left cord disappear without burning or gluing, bring it together with 1st  brown holding cord.
  • On the second row, tie vertical half hitch to the left, So you will start tying at 8th holding cord to 1st holding cord. When tying last 1st holding cord, do not forget to tie it around the Left white cord too.

  • Continue to tie the vertical half hitch, altogether 10 rows.
  • Then cut the Left cord(short cord). So it will disappear and secure in the knot.
  • Then  use Green thread as working cord, do the same method as above but tie 2 row only.

  • Do not forget to make white cord disappear by bringing it with 1st holding cord.
  • After complete 2 rows of green, cut the white cord.

  • Then  use Blue thread as working cord, do the same method as above but tie 5 rows.
  • This time I do not cut  the Green cord, Because I will use it again after  5 rows of Blue cord. 
  • Tie 1 row of Green cord after Blue, you will finish A part now!

B part

  •  Separate 3 parts of holding cord to 3-2-3 , the two cord in the middle will be the beads parts.

  • Tie vertical half hitch using white cord around 3 holding cords of left and right side. The number of row is depend on your beads length.  

  • Then thread the beads into the 2 middle cords.
  • Now you finish the B part.

  • Do the A part again but in reverse pattern.

  • To make the last white working cord disappear and secure, Use the pin and thread it at the back side of the work. Then cut the rest of cord.
C part

  •  Separate 8 cords into 2 groups, 4 Left and 4 right.
  • Put 1 small beads into the middle of cords.
  • Tie horizontal half hitch knot(Double half hitch). The leftest cord will be the holding cord, Tie Double half hitch to the right with left group, and to the left with right group. 
  • Then the holding cord on the left and right sides are in the middle, tie them in the square knot without filler. You just complete the first row of chevron shape.

(you can see details in

  • Tie second row with the same method. Left 1 cord on left and right side on the third row.
  • Tie third and fourth row with same method.
  • Then secure the works with 1 square knot.

  • Use 3 cords tying chain and secure it with 1 square knot at the end.
  • Put 1 beads at the end, secure it with a knot then cut and burn the rest of the cord.
  • Now you are finish C part, continue the same method to the other side of your work.
See how to burn waxed cord here of you are new to this material.


  1. Hi,
    I really appreciated your tutorial. I always wonder how to made this kind of bracelets. Thank you for sharing it. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  2. I am starting a small section in my art room for early finishers. I think they wlll enjoy this instead of the usual fall back of pulling out their phones. This tutorial is very well done. I love the colors of the bracelet . Thanks so much for your time. I'll post some pictures if it works out!

  3. Love this pretty bracelet! The beaded focal area is delightful!

  4. Very good, thaks for the instructions.

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