Macrame wrapping: Extended pattern

This is one of the beautiful way to decorate your stone, make it a pendant or necklace.
Before working this technic you must  practice these knot and patterns

Materials : (for making a necklace)

  • 1 No holed object in round shape (Stone, Gemstone, coin, ceramic bead, etc.) : diameter around 2.5cm.(1 inch)
  • Cords ( waxed cord no.3 /1 mm. thick) which are;

            For extended part
  • 5 cords , 120 cm. each. 
            For stone wrapping part
  • 2 holding cords, 30 cm. each.
  •  1 working cord,50 cm. each.

Instructions:  There are 2 structures making this work, first you make the Zigzag part with 1 holding cord of stone wrapping, second you make the  stone wrapping part attached to the pattern.

Step 1 Zigzag part . Use 5 cords and 1 holding cord.
the start point of the work will be on the middle of the cords, which is at the bottom of the stone.

Step 1.1 making ZigZag bar with fillers

  • Arrange 5 cords vertically, the holding cord will be on the left of working cord
  • Tie the double half hitch bar, holding cord to the right , diagonal

  • Use 4 cords on the left tying alternating square knot (3 square knots)
  • Then tie the double half hitch bar, holding cord to the left , diagonal
  • Arrange 1 holding cord to the right.

Step 1.2 
  • Use 3 cords on the right tying  1 Square knot.
  • Use the right cord tying larks head around holding cord.

  • Tie another 2 square knots.

  • Then repeat step 1.2-1.2  around 2 times or until the pattern cover half of the stone perimeter, you just complete work1
  • Turnaround your pattern, now the holding cord should be on the left, start work2 by doing the step 1-2 again. 
  • measure the pattern with the stone, the pattern should be smaller than the perimeter a bit.

  • If the pattern is not long enough, add more pattern both right and left side, make sure it's symmetry and the holding cord of double half hitch bar is in the same side.

Step 2 Stone wrapping
  • Arrange the zigzag pattern in step 1vertically,holding cord on the left.
  • Put another holding cord on the left of Zigzag pattern, 

Step 2.1 Tie another working cord(30cm.)in larks head knot on the left holding cord.

Step 2.2
  • Measure the stone width, arrange 2 holding cords as same as stone width, then tie another larks head on the right holding cord. (the holding cord attached in the Zigzag pattern)

  • Repeat step2.1-2.2 until cover the zigzag pattern.

Step 3

  • Wrap stone start from the middle of pattern/the bottom of stone  to the top of stone
  • Use holding cord of stone wrapping, tie the square knot without fillers, both front side and back side.

Step 4 

  • Separate 2 parts of structure , 10 cords of the Zigzag pattern , and 6 cords of stone wrapping.
  • Bring all 6 cords of stone wrapping on the back side, Use 2 working cords make 3 square knots around 4 fillers to make the end. 

Step 5 

  • Cut 6 cords and burn it to finish.

Step 6

  • Then work on the front side of the rest 10 cords. 
  • Use the holding cord (of double half hitch bar) both left and right side, tie 1 square knot without filler.

Step 7

  • Use 10 cords  Tie the alternating square knot. (3 knots)

Step 8

  • Separate left and right group , 5 cords each, 
  • Start from left group first, tie the  Zigzag double half hitch bar  (First bar holding cord to the left , second bar holding cord to the right)

Step 9 

  • Leave the right holding cord, work on the rest 4 cords with vertical half hitch knot, then 1 more vertical knots to make the whole vertical knots appeared triangle like.

Step 10

  • Use the right  holding cord .make a double half hitch bar holding cords to the left
  • Cut  2 cords on the right, and burn it on the back side of your work.
  • Tie the rest 3 cords  in chain, long as your prefer length. Now you complete 1 side of necklace part.

  • Then continuing Step 6-11 on the right side of necklace part. 
front side of finished work

back side of finished work