macrame wrapping technique -EASY- stone wrapping

This kind of  wrapping technique  is suitable for a round or flat things,

One of the eco friendly way to make a pendant from everything around you.
Choose the robe and grap some round thing and then Let's go! 

** I usually use waxed cord becuase you can made the rest of the cord disappeared ea
sily, by burning it!**

1.  Cut 2 main holding cords , it should be long enough for your purpose

2.  Cut the working cord, the length should be more than 10 times to a perimeter of your stone

3. Measure the width of 2 holding cords before starting the knots.

4. Measure  the start point on holding cord by comparing the stone perimeter and the holding cord, it should be arounf the point in the picture. 

5. Fold working cord (one side short  and one side long for working) and place it under the holding cords at start point.
6. Bring both ends over the holding cords, heading downward.
Pass them under the folded area, pulling them firmly

7. Then Pass the working cord over the holding cord, and then under it.
8. Pass the working cord under the holding cord, and then over it again.   You will see the knot called Larks Head Knot

9. Continue the same knot -- left then right-- continue this method until  the length of your wrapping  cover the stone's perimeter.

10. When the wrapping  is long enough, ( it should be shorter that perimeter a bit for making it tight) Tie the finish knot firmly both front and back side. 



  1. hi. 2 questions. What do you use to pin the string down while you are working? I live in Chiang Mai, do you know where I can find string?

    Thank you

    1. I have 1 nail on my working table, for hanging any work.
      Or you can hang it with your feet finger.

      You can buy waxed cord in Warorot market at lookpud shop.

  2. Greetings from Brazil.

    I'm having so much trouble trying to leave the right space between the two holding cords. Do you use just one nail to get it firm?
    And else, do you need to adjust the gap between the knots after you finish? Because mine just keep on getting so messed up while I work.


    1. For me I use just 1 nails to hold every cords together.
      But I saw some use knitting board to fix the gap space.

      It is a bit difficult first time, so try to wrap an round or oval shape stone first. Because it need an equal gap.
      I always check the gap with stone every 2-3 knots. Make sure that you fix the start point of the stone in same place.
      After you finish 5-6 stone. It will be easier.

      And for irregular shape stone, I always check every gaps, every knots, with the stone , because the gap is not same size but have to make bigger or smaller to fit the stone.

      I try to make a tutorial about this problems as soon as possible, and will tell you later.

  3. Thank you so much for all the tutorials!


  4. How much difference should there be between the shorter & longer strands? Thanks

    1. From instruction number 4,
      The shrot strand length (pink)will be -- the length from starting point to the end of holding cord(blue) on the short side.
      The longer strand is the rest of pink cord.

  5. Hello.. how do you tighten it?

  6. I would like to know which braid you use for the necklace part

  7. Bonsoir, un grand merci de France pour tout vos tutos.
    Vos créations sont magnifiques .

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