Get Started

To make Macrame  jewelries, You need no special tools except your hands, scissor and cord and pins which create a construction of your work. (if you use waxed cord you may need some lighters for burning)
You may add many decoration or sometimes a focal points for your jewelry such as beads (wooden, resin, brass, bone, shell and so on), gemstones, pendants, metal wire or  any materials you like.

Main Material

  • Cord 

    Cord may made of  cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather, yarn or any rope shaped material.

    The Main cord I demonstrate in this site is Waxed Cord, not only the unique character which a bit hard and easily to form the shape, but also the wax character which can be burnt and blend with the work with no connection line or using any glue. Furthermore waxed cord is the less absorb moisture material, So it is the perfect material for making jewelry or accessory.

This is How to burn the waxed cord with Lighter

If you use another material such as cotton thread or hemp, Before you decide to cut off any of the ends, make sure you cut the working cords, and apply glue to the knots before you do so.
  • Knotting board

    A knotting board is often used to mount the cords for macramé work. Differently from other materials, Waxed cord macrame need to tie the knot very firmly. So the pin on a pillow case is not recommended. 

    For my projects which is not large and always need just only 1 pin to secure the cords,  normally I hang my work with door handle or feet finger . Another easy way making a board is punching a nail  to a wooden board or a table. 

    One nail is enough for any small jewelry projects.
    Easy position for making Macrame is just sit on the floor and hang your cord with your feet finger.

  • Holed Object
You can attach anything which have hole to your work by treading it into cord, before buying any holed object please make sure that the hole is big enough to put cord in.
Idea for holed objects : Bead, pendant, natural seeds, stone bead

  • No Hole object
Normally you can see many macrame jewelry work using a semi precious gemstone to be a focal point.
This is a no holed object That can be attach to your work by making a Macrame wrapping around them. ( see Project for learning Macrame wrapping technics)
Idea  for no hole object : Natural stone, coin, wood plate or anything you like.