Snake knot bracelet

Materials :
  • Waxed cord 1 mm. thick,  6 cord 100 cm. each(total 600 cm.)
  • Brass beads , I use 3.2 mm around 50 pieces, if you would like to make it longer you may need more. Make sure that its hole is bigger than your cord before purchase.
  • Brass beads 4 mm. 2 pieces to finish the braid part.


Step 1 (The body)

  •  Easily knot 6 cords together for make a beginning, leave the rest of the for around 12 cm. for making the braid later. Separate 6 cord into 3 pairs. 

  •  You will get first row of 3 snake knots

  •  Start 2nd row.  Thread brass beads into leftist and rightest cord. There will be 4 cord in the center, separate them into 2 pairs.
  •  Tying each pair with snake knot.

  • You will get the 2nd row with brass beads and 2 snake knots.
  • Repeat this step (first row and second row) until you reach your preferred length.

Step 2 (the braid part)

  •  Use the leftest and rightest cord tying 1 square knot with 4 fillers.

      •  Cut the end and burn them to finish.

      •  Braid the rest of 4 cord until you reach preferred length(around 6 cm.)

      •  Then use the leftest and rightest cord tying 1 square knot with 2 fillers to finish the braid, then cut and burn its end again

      •  Thread 4mm. brass beads into the rest of 2 cord, then cut the end and burn it to secured brass bead.
      • Continuing the same method to the other side of your work.

      Step 3

      •  To make adjustable holder, Use the rest of cord(around 10 cm. long) tying 3 square knots around the braid side.

      •  Then cut and burn the end of square knots.

      If you have any questions please leave me a message here. ^_^


      1. Thank you very much! Grettings from México!!!

      2. Thank you, great tutorial easy to follow. I love the bracelet!♥️

      3. Thank you so much its beautiful and easy u made it so well, i hope there is more tutorials

      4. Nice! I made something very similar with Paracord! Happened to see this and thought I might give it a go with some satin rat tail cord that I have.

      5. Lepo ste uradili sa slikama, ja ovo vidim na mobilni i veoma je sitno, ne mogu tachno da nauchim cvorove, bolje je ako mozhe da uradite jedan vieo... Hvala

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