Alternating Square Knots

This alternating Square Knots pattern are commonly seen in Macrame projects, so practice this several times.
Be sure you practice  Square Knots  before you get started.

You can use 4 cords or more making this pattern. To practice the pattern you saw in picture, you need  8 cords to work with. Secure them to your work surface.
Instructions :
 Step 1:  
Make 2 groups of 4 cords. Tie one Square Knot to each group.
  •  left group  : cords 1 and 4 are the working cords, with 2 and 3 as the fillers.
  • right group  :cords  5 and 8 are the working cords The fillers are cords 6 and 7.

Step 2: 
Select cords 3 and 4 from the left group,
along with 5 and 6 from the right group. Use them to tie the next Square Knot. The working cords are 3 and 6.

Step 3&4: 
Repeat step 1 and 2 

Continue by  repeat this method over and over.