Brass bead bracelet 1

This is a very easy bracelet for beginner, which is simple and need less time to make, just choose your favorite beads and go!

Materials :
  • Your favorite beads , around 20-30 pieces. Make sure that the hole is bigger than your cord before purchase.
  • 2 Cords ( waxed cord no.3 /1 mm. thick) which are 80 cm.  and  160 cm. each
  • 1 small bell,diameter around 0.8 cm


Step 1
  • Fold the 160 cm. cord at the half, bring  a bell to the half point , so now you have 3 cords length 80 cm.

Step 2
  • Tying 5 square knots with 1 filler.
  • Thread your beads into the working cord.

Step 3
  • Repeat step 2 until the length of the bracelet is enough for yours.

Step 4 ( Making a hole and bell holding)
  • Fold the filler cord making a circle like, tying the 2 square knots to lock it.
  • Cut and burn the end of working cord. 

Step 5 
  • Adjust the size of the circle to be bigger than a bell.
  • Start tying larks head knot around this circle.

Step 6
  • Bring the rest of the cord , tying half hitch knot to lock the end.
  • Cut and burn the cord.

Step 7 
  • Work on the bell side, bring last cord tying larks head around the bracelet line for locking.
  • Cut and burn the cord.