Double+Vertical Half htich

Making This Pattern make you know the difference of Double half hitch and Vertical half hitch.
You can use This pattern to make a friendship bracelet or a necklace line.

Be sure you practice  Double Half Hitches and Vertical half hitch. before you get started.


  • Secure 6 working cords vertically.
  • In the first bar, We will start with Double half hitch to the right. So the leftest cord (cord1) will be a holding cord, place it diagonal as in picture. 

Step 1:  First bar : Tie one Double Half Hitches bar  to the right by,

1.1  Use cord (1) as a holding cord.  The (2-6) cord will be a working cord,  Start with (2) cord, 
1.2 then take it up  on the right over the holding cord, and bring it under the working cord. Pull it tight before make to next knot, just pull the end slightly to the left.
1.3 Repeat step 1.1-1.2  but pull the end to the right. Now you just complete 1 Double half hitch knot.

1.4 Repeat the same things to the cord 3-6 to complete double half hitch bar.

Step 2: Second bar : Tie one Vertical half hitch bar to the right by using the cord (1) as a working cord, cord 2-6 will be the holding cord
2.1 :  bring the end of working cord under the holding cord, and put it up over the holding cord ,bring it under the working cord.(reverse clockwise). Tighten the knot firmly by pulling the end slightly to the right.This is one half hitch knot.
2.2 : Make the second Half Hitch the same way (but clockwise), passing the working end over the holding cord, under it, and over the working cord. Tighten the knot by pulling the end to the left. 
Now you just complete 1 vertical half hitch knot.

2.3   Repeat the same things to the cord 3-6 to complete vertical half hitch bar.

Step 3:   Repeat step 1 and step 2 until you reach your prefer length.


  1. I love it!!!!!. Thank you so much!.

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