Macrame wrapping : Spiral wrapping

This is one extended pattern to decorate your stone, make it a pendant or necklace. This kind of pattern can be make many variation when you know the structure.
Before working this technic you must  practice these knot and patterns

Materials : (for making a necklace)
  • 1 No holed object in round shape (Stone, Gemstone, coin, ceramic bead, etc.) : diameter around 2.5cm.(1 inch)
  • Some bead for decoration if you like.
  • Cords ( waxed cord no.3 /1 mm. thick) which are :

            For stone wrapping part      
2 holding cords, 30 cm. each,  1 working cords  50 cm. each.
            For extended part     
1 holding  cords 120 cm, 10-20 working cords 40 cm. each

Step 1 : Wrapping stone use easy technic

Step 2 : Making spiral part.

First, prepare cords for spiral part  (1 holding  cords 120 cm, 10-20 working cords 40 cm. each) . Fold working cords in a half, which will be 20 cm. each side.
For holding cord, fold 1 side 20 cm. which will be a working cord  and left the rest for a holding cord

 Work with wrapping stone

Bring every cords to the back side of your work by treading, So every cords can work as a working cord for spiral. 

Then tread  holding cords first to the back side of your work.

Tread working cords(40 cm. cord) to the back side of your work.
From my experiences, It takes around 3 cords for 1 cm. long.
You will get a radial cords around your stone, the longest cord will be a holding cord in next step.

Work on front side

Tie the double half hitch bar, holding cord to the left.

Continue tying double half hitch bar around the stone.

When there are spacing between holding cord and next working cords, It means you have to add more cords. Because the spiral is get bigger and the working cord is not enough to make it flat.

Add more cord by folding cord to a half and tie lark head knot around holding cord.

Tying Lark head  by:  Fold working cord and place it  under the holding cords. The fold should be at the bottom and the ends at the top. Bring both ends over the holding cords, heading downward.Pass them under the folded area, pulling them firmly.

This mean that you can make infinity spiral by adding working cords to your work. If your holding cord is nearly finish, you can add holding cord with the same method.

Continuing tie double half hitch bar as your desired. 

 If you want to make a necklace line extend from your work ,
You can adding some cords (I use 2 cords for each side) by tying lark head to holding cord.

 You can add some decoration beads by tread it into the holding cord.

 When finish, cut the rest of the cords except cords for necklace line and burn it.

 Burn every ends and keep the burning side at the back side of your work.

Then make a necklace line

For my easy design I just tying 2 square knots follow by 1 double half hitch bar. Then braid the rest. 

One of my design for HonnVillage, I connect 2 spiral stone together and tread a cotton tassels at the end. 

This spiral extended can make a organic shape of your work easily.
You can learn to connect 2 stones on


  1. Hi, thanks so much for all your helpful tutorials.
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    1. Hi, Leanne. I think I have to make a new tutorial for your question, I try to make it in 2-3 days and will inform you when finish. ^_^

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      I just finish the tutorial, There it is,


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