Macrame Wrapping : X shape

  • This wrapping is Easy and can be adapted to many patterns.
  • For this tutorial, the length of cords is just for a pendant only.
  • The knot in this wrapping is called Larks head.

Materials : 

  • 1  No holed object in round shape (Stone, Gemstone, coin, ceramic, bead, etc.) : diameter around 2.5cm.(1 inch)
  • 3 Cords ( waxed cord 0.85-1 mm. thick) which are;
- 2 working cords(yellow color cord) : 80 cm. per cord. (To calculate the length of working cords is measuring the perimeter of the things you wanna wrap first, it should be more than 8-10 times of the perimeter per 1 cord.
- 1 holding cords(black color cord): 120 cm. per cord, fold in a half, so it would be 2 cord in 60 cm. per cord. But don't cut the fold area, because you can use it to hold the nail for easy working. 


  •  Knot first yellow cord the lark head knot around black cord on the left, at the start point as in the picture.

  •   Knot second yellow cord the lark head knot around black cord on the right.

  • The space between 2 black cords should be wider than the thickness of stone.

  •  Use left yellow  cord knot larks head around right yellow cord. The knot will be in the middle.

  •  Check that the work width fit with stone periodically.

  •  Continue knot the lark head on the left and right side of black cord.

  •  Then knot the lark head in the middle. 
  • Continuing this pattern until the length of pattern a bit smaller than stone perimeter.

  •  Check that the length of work a bit smaller than stone perimeter.

  • Work on the front side. Tie the end of holding cord(black cord) together with a Square Knot (no fillers). Make sure you pull them firmly.
  • Then work on the back side, tie the same square knot on the black cords too. 

  • Use yellow cord on the left side, tie 2 cord with larks head knot.
  • Then work on the right side with same method.

  • Use the most left and right yellow cord and tie 2-3 square knot around others cord, to secure the works.