Macrame Wrapping : X shape

  • This wrapping is Easy and can be adapted to many patterns.
  • For this tutorial, the length of cords is just for a pendant only.
  • The knot in this wrapping is called Larks head.

Materials : 

  • 1  No holed object in round shape (Stone, Gemstone, coin, ceramic, bead, etc.) : diameter around 2.5cm.(1 inch)
  • 3 Cords ( waxed cord 0.85-1 mm. thick) which are;
- 2 working cords(yellow color cord) : 80 cm. per cord. (To calculate the length of working cords is measuring the perimeter of the things you wanna wrap first, it should be more than 8-10 times of the perimeter per 1 cord.
- 1 holding cords(black color cord): 120 cm. per cord, fold in a half, so it would be 2 cord in 60 cm. per cord. But don't cut the fold area, because you can use it to hold the nail for easy working. 


  •  Knot first yellow cord the lark head knot around black cord on the left, at the start point as in the picture.

  •   Knot second yellow cord the lark head knot around black cord on the right.

  • The space between 2 black cords should be wider than the thickness of stone.

  •  Use left yellow  cord knot larks head around right yellow cord. The knot will be in the middle.

  •  Check that the work width fit with stone periodically.

  •  Continue knot the lark head on the left and right side of black cord.

  •  Then knot the lark head in the middle. 
  • Continuing this pattern until the length of pattern a bit smaller than stone perimeter.

  •  Check that the length of work a bit smaller than stone perimeter.

  • Work on the front side. Tie the end of holding cord(black cord) together with a Square Knot (no fillers). Make sure you pull them firmly.
  • Then work on the back side, tie the same square knot on the black cords too. 

  • Use yellow cord on the left side, tie 2 cord with larks head knot.
  • Then work on the right side with same method.

  • Use the most left and right yellow cord and tie 2-3 square knot around others cord, to secure the works.


  1. This has been a great help thank you :)

  2. It's...a start, I guess. You never said what to do with the folded 120cm string, like where its ends should be when you're trying to close up the hoop (which was impossible without cutting said 120cm string, when I tried it?). And how do we go from this to an actual necklace, what with having 8 strings of different lengths to deal with?

    It's a good half a tutorial for getting started, so thanks for that! But it's kind of confusing and not complete (at least from a beginner's pov).

    1. Hope this works: