Connecting spiral wrapping

This pattern is created by myself, as I adapt spiral technic base on its structure using the holding cord connect every things together.

First you need 2 spiral wrapping stone from this tutorial

There are 1 holding cord on each stone.

Arrange 2 tone in you preferred position. In my design I use holding cord on left stone to connect with working cord on right stone.  But also would like to make a space between 2 stone.

So I put 3 beads to make a space first.

Then knot a spiral wrapping (Double half hitch or horizontal half hitch bar) around right stone.

Two stone are now connected at the bottom part.

Next, we will connect the upper part. I use 1 cord from left stone to be a holding cord, the rest of cord will be working cord.

Ty the double half hitch, from left to right.

In my design, I will add 1 handmade pendant at the bottom of right stone. So I put it in the holding cord.

Then I continuing knot the double haft hitch.

You can make many spiral wrapping to make a thick work as you want by doing the same method.
In the picture I use 1 cord to be a holding cord again for securing my handmade pendant.

When connecting is finish, I separate the rest of cords.
2 parts(blue color) will be  necklace line for left and right.
The rest (green color) will be cut and burn. 


The burn spot will be on the back side of the work, 

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  1. Amazing...I love your work and how you fotograf it for tutorial.
    Thank you very much for teaching macrame...