Macrame Wrapping : NET like

This stone wrapping can be adapt to wrap many things you like,  start from this easy wrapping then you can wrap large things in the future.

The important things for this wrapping is the shape of stone, the bottom have to be a bit V shape, In this tutorial I use small waxed cord size 0.85 mm. because the stone is small. If you use big things to wrap yo may choose more bigger cord as you like.


  • Small stone V shape
  • Waxed cord 0.85 mm /120 cm -- 4 cord (total 480 cm.) This can be made a necklace. If you would like to just wrap the stone and make a pendant hole you may need just 60 cm. each cord.


Step 1

  • folding  4  cord(120cm.) to mark the middle point of the cord, we will start every knot from here, so there will be 4 cord on each side left and right, each 60 cm.

  • Start with 1st&2nd cord knot them in 2 knot. The will be a loop at the middle.

  •  Put stone into  the loop. the parameter of the loop have to fit this part of the stone.

Step 2 

  • start with 3rd cord, tie  Larks head knot as shown in picture.
  • the 4th cord will be knot at the back side of the stone in the same Larks head. Now there will be 8 cord around the stone.

  • Step 3 : Start making the NET

    • separate the cord from knot to be left and right side as show in picture, tie each couple cord with Larks head. So in this round there will be 4 larks head knots to tie.

    • Continuing the same knot in next round, until reach the top of the stone.

    Step 4 : Closing the NET

    • Tying square knot with 6 fillers to secure the stone. 
    • Separate  Left and Right group of cords, there will be 4 cords in each group. These will be the necklace line part. 


    1. I like your blog! Very helpful and easy to understand. Well written😀

    2. Hey thank you for your amazing posts!
      Could you make a tutorial for the actual string used to hold the necklace?