3 strands brass bead bracelet

This bracelet made from just 1 knot  which is  Half Square knot , http://ecocrafta.blogspot.com/2013/02/basic-macrame-knots.html . So it is very easy to made!

Materials :

  • 3 cords of waxed cord  50 cm
  • 6 cords of waxed cord  60 cm 
  • 45 pieces of brass bead 5 mm 
  • 2 pieces of brass bell 8 mm for closing


1. Thread 15  brass beads into 50 cm cords ( 3 cords will use 15x3=45 brass beads). Arrange brass bead lines at the middle of the cord. I will call this 50 cm cord as 3 brass bead cords.

2. Fold 60 cm. cord in to a half. Put the half point behind brass bead cord. Then tying the half square knot around the brass bead cord.

 3. Continue knot the half Square knot around 30 knots or more depend on your bracelet length.

 4. Do the same process (step 1-3)  with the opposite side of brass bead cord.

  5.  When every thing finish, cut the 60 cm cord( half square knot cord), and burn the end.
Continuing do the same process (1-5) to the rest of 50cm 3 brass bead cords.

 6.   Arrange brass bead cords left, middle, right.  Tying same half square knot .

7. Continue tying 5 half square knots to hold 3 cords together. Do the same method with the opposite side of 3 brass bead cords.

8. One side will be the holding part. Braid  3 cords together until reach the length that can hold the 8 mm. bell, for me it should be around 1.8 cm.

9. Fold the end of the braid part  to the beginning point of the braid part. Then using the rest of the cord tying same half square knot around 3 brass bead cords to secure everything together.

 10.  When tying around 3-4 half square knots, cutting all the end cords and burning to finish to bell holding.

 11. For the bell side, thread 1 bell into leftist cord then tying 3-4 half square knots.
12. Thread the other bells into right set cord, and continue tying 2-3 half square knot to secure the bells. Then cut and burn the rest of the cord.

You will get a beautiful brass bead bracelet like this!