Double Half Hitch Bar

 This is one of a most decorative knot seen in waxed cord macrame, you must practice and know how to tie it perfectly.
Be sure you practice  Double Half Hitches before you get started.

We sometimes call the holding cord in this knot  a 'raised bar' which can be construct  in any direction, such as Horizontal, Diagonal or many shapes shown below.

Double half hitch bar 

ZigZag bar

Variation of Zig Zag Bar 

Secure 4 working cords and 1  holding cord 

  • the working cords should be vertical 
  • The holding cord should be on the left of working cord , place it diagonal or horizontal depend on your prefer shape

Step 1: Tie one Double Half Hitches by
1.1 Take the first working cord on the left under the holding cord, 
1.2 Then take it up  on the right over the holding cord, 
and bring it under the working cord.
1.3 Pull it tight before make to next knot, just pull the end slightly to the left.

1.4 repeat step 1.1-1.3  but pull the end to the right.

 Step 2: Tie another Double Half Hitches by take the second working cord on the right.

 Step 3: Tie another Double Half Hitches by take the third working cord. 
 Step 4: Tie another Double Half Hitches by take the fourth working cord.

This is one bar(first row)  of double half hitch bar.  You can continue the next bar on the same direction(holding cord to the right) or opposite direction(holding cord to the left),

You can fill the triangle pattern inside The ZigZag bar, I called this Zigzag bar with fillers, which can create many different patterns design by yourself

 Zigzag bar with alternating square knot.