Variation of Zigzag bar

 This macrame pattern  is one of a most decorative knot seen in waxed cord macrame, you can adapt many variation in this pattern, and it can be very useful when you need to bend the pattern such as a line of necklace that fit your neck , or a pattern which fit the circle of stone.

Be sure you practice  Double Half Hitches Bar before you get started.

Zigzag Pattern

The blue arrow show  direction of holding cords 
 Instructions :

Zigzag with alternating square knot

This  is one of the very useful and beautiful macrame pattern you must practice.
I found this style from my friend in Thailand, Waranya, she is an expert macrame making lived in Pai. She also sell her beautiful works at her shop 'Ma cafe' at Pai, 'Payaka' Guest house in Chiangmai and on her   Facebook . Just check it out.

Instructions :

  • Follow step 1-4 (first Double half hitch bar- to the right)
  • After that make 3 Squre knot As a step A-C 
  • Then Follow Step 5-8  (Second Double half hitch bar- to the left)

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